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Shotgun Wrestles With Kinism

There’s no doubt Kinism is an outgrowth of the now-defunct Christian Reconstruction movement, so to understand Kinism, one has to have a grasp on CR and why it imploded. But to properly understand CR, one has to take a step … Continue reading

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You Might Be a Feminist If…

“The word property, once one of the most highly regarded words in the English language, has come in recent years to have a bad connotation because of the deliberate assault on the concept by socialists..Now..even those who most defend property … Continue reading

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Wrath of the Awakened Filmer

Should he awaken from eternal rest, the great defender of monarchy, Robert Filmer, would be appalled at how far society has fallen since his death in 1653. We know he’d be appalled because those he influenced (in one manner or … Continue reading

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Different Theories of History

For some unlucky readers who stumble here by accident the content of this post will be juvenile.  You’ve already decided on your view of history; you’re looking down on me from your perch and laughing at my clumsy attempts to … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Land?

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that the question “who owns the land”, is the most important to be asked in political philosophy. There are two main answers: 1.  The People at large. or 2.  … Continue reading

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Rushdoony Takes a Ride on the “Polar Express”

“The Polar Express” has been playing non-stop this Christmas season.  It’s considered a timeless classic (up there with “The Grinch” and those claymation Rudolf movies). What a buzz-kill. Think about it.  A handful of kids finally get a few days … Continue reading

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Romanticism and Socialism

A friend of mine recently made the following comment: “The acceleration of the cause of Socialism was propelled by the advent of Romanticism as a Worldview. Not all Socialists were Romanticists but Romanticism tilled the cultural soil that allowed Socialism … Continue reading

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Transcendent Man

I just watched a very infuriating documentary outlining the thought of scientist Ray Kurzweil.  (“Transcendent Man” can be watched on Netflix.) Kurzweil is known for creating things like the flatbed scanner and portable reading devices for the blind. He proposes … Continue reading

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5 Great Movies for Agrarians / Kinists

I’ve been compiling a mental list of great movies that have an agrarian or kinist minded theme either explicitly or implied.  Instead of doing an individual review for each one, I decided to list five of them here with a … Continue reading

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Rushdoony on Conspiracies

I went to the movies yesterday.  I hadn’t been in awhile, and I still had Michael Hoffman fresh in my mind.  Perhaps I was biased, (I don’t feel like I was), but his “revelation of the method” theory is hard … Continue reading

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