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Roaring Aslan vs. the Howling Puritans

The great pastor Joe Morecraft the III, whom I recently saw at the Bahnsen Conference, has released a letter of warning to his congregation and the community at large, warning us to stay away from certain books, as they’re filled … Continue reading

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Spreading the Kinist Message at the Bahnsen Conference

I flew out to California to attend the first ever Greg L. Bahnsen conference – a conference focusing on presuppositional apologetic methodology as well as theonomy and Christian ethics. Dr. Bahnsen’s work has meant so much to me and changed … Continue reading

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My Response to the Marinov and his Article on Family

The Marinov’s article:  http://americanvision.org/5555/relationship-vs-purpose-how-the-church-destroys-the-christian-family/ My humble reply: Mr. Marinov, you overlook the most significant diagnosis of your friend’s condition, preferring to treat his minor scratches instead of the arrow sticking out of his heart! It’s hard for me to imagine … Continue reading

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Why Are Christians Such Jerks Online?

Jonathan Acuff recently blogged for CNN on why Christians are jerks in online discussions. I invest a lot of time in online discussion (forums, blog comments, and chatrooms) and am glad Mr. Acuff takes it for granted that I’m a … Continue reading

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